Below is a list of some of the recording projects (including albums, EPs and other sessions) that Melbourne Drummer Chris Cameron has played for over the last few years.

For more info on Chris' professional background and current projects, visit www.chriscameron.com.au

Chris Cameron - Trust Chris Cameron Trust 2021

Chris Cameron - Tiberiu Chris Cameron Tiberiu Olah: 'Sonata for Solo Clarinet (Arranged for Drum Kit, Keyboards and Synthesisers' 2021

The Rookies - Play Jazz 2 The Rookies 'Play Jazz 2' 2021

Acolyte - Entropy Acolyte 'Entropy' 2021

Lucid Planet - II Lucid Planet 'II' 2020

Tyler Nakoa - Step On In Tyler Nakoa 'Step On In' 2020

Ben Cameron -Breaking It Open The Ben Cameron Project 'Breaking It Open' 2020

Daniel Tedford - Egoboo Daniel Tedford 'Egoboo' 2020

The Rookies /  - Relentless The Rookies 'True Realm of The Coin' 2020
(single from Seven Wonders: a compilation album by Plug Seven / Wondercore Island)

Chris Cameron - Relentless Chris Cameron 'Relentless' 2019

The Rookies - Stay Weird The Rookies 'Stay Weird' 2019

Soft Power - Bucolica Soft Power 'Bucolica' 2019

The Rookies - Play Jazz The Rookies 'Play Jazz' 2018

Soft Power - Easy Listening Soft Power 'Easy Listening' 2018

Joel Macintyre JBM EP Joel Macintyre 'JBM EP' 2018

The Rookies - Live At The Jazz Lab The Rookies 'Live At The Jazz Lab' 2017

The Rookies - Convincing Bulls#!t The Rookies 'Convincing Bulls#!t' 2016

Ice Cream In A Mug - Footprints In The Butter Ice Cream In A Mug 'Footprints In The Butter' 2016

Chris Cameron - The Multi-dexterity Project Chris Cameron 'The Multi-Dexterity Project' 2016

Aronora - Escapology Aronora 'Escapology' 2015

BB & The Holy Rollers BB & The Holy Rollers 'Unseen/Difficult Kind' (single) 2014

Vince Jones: The Monash Sessions Vince Jones 'The Monash Sessions' 2014

The Ben Cameron Project The Ben Cameron Project 'Tipping Point' 2014

Children Overboard Children Overboard 'Mama Said Don't Talk To Strangers...' 2013

Five Acre Field Five Acre Field 'Five Songs' 2013

Snack Snack Music 'Four Plus Three' 2012

The Lachlan Bruce Band The Lachlan Bruce Band 'Demos' 2012

Jarrah Thompson - Rio Claro Jarrah Thompson 'Rio Claro' 2011

Stop The Apathy Raoul McLay 'Stop The Apathy' (single) 2011

Welcoming Voices Scripture Union 'Welcoming Voices: Songs Of Love And Justice' 2011

San Salvador - Spark The Fire (single) San Salvador 'Spark The Fire' (live single) 2010

Snack Music - You Are Welcome Snack Music 'You Are Welcome EP' 2010

Freedom Ben Cameron 'Freedom' (single) 2010

Welcome Mat Scripture Union 'Welcome Mat' 2010

Themes And Thumps Scripture Union 'Themes And Thumps' (soundtrack) 2010

Squawk Scripture Union 'Serial Drama Movie: Squawk' (soundtrack) 2010

Aronora Aronora 'Aronora EP' 2009

Jarrah Thompson - Live at PBS Jarrah Thompson 'Live At PBS 106.7fm' 2009

Question Mark Scripture Union 'The Stories: Question Mark' 2009

Fruit Salad Scripture Union 'Serial Drama Movie: Fruit Salad' (soundtrack) 2009

Jarrah Thompson - Stargazer Jarrah Thompson 'Stargazer' 2008

Slave Of The Unknown Rust 'Slave Of The Unknown EP' 2008

Foolishly Faithful Brendan Petty/Chris Cameron 'Foolishly Faithful' (podcast theme) 2008

Checkmate Scripture Union 'Serial Drama Movie: Check Mate' (soundtrack) 2008

Snack Music - O Have You Heard? Snack Music 'O Have You Heard' 2007

Hide And Seek Scripture Union 'Hide And Seek' 2007

Serial Drama Movie Scripture Union 'Serial Drama Movie' (soundtrack) 2007

Rust Rust 'Demos' 2006

Snack Music - Star In God's Eyes Snack Music 'Star In God's Eyes' 2005

Renual Renual 'Demos' 2005

The Creator The DCCC Band 'The Creator' 2004

Rust Rust 'Rust' 2002